Ooooooooh boy, I've been saving this up since I left Now there are a lot of things I keep to myself as regards opinions and drama that happens which I feel no one needs to know, I mean with opinions everyone is entitled to their own right? However stuff has been happening for quite a while now and it's finally time that I got involved. Some stuff has been happening for months, and not directly involving me, and some has happened in the past few days, one as a personal attack against me.

This time, I'm not just making a journal about one specific person, I'm doing 5. Reason being that Otherwise I'd be making 5 separate journals, and let's face it, who'd want 5 Rant journals in their notifications? So to save time and not annoy people with multiple journals, I'll just do all of them here. Today, we're talking about :iconarianaaviles:arianaaviles :icongmodsfmrocks:GMODSFMROCKS :iconfusionguybrony:fusionguybrony :icontoxicholygrenade:ToxicHolyGrenade and :iconprowlfan1011: Prowlfan1011 (the last one I'm not showing any mercy, this guy needs to be shown a lesson, full force) So, LETS GET RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT INTO THE FUDGE!!!!!!!!!

1: arianaaviles

Okay, this is a small rant, nothing too major, but still needs to be said.

As people who know her personally, whether it be here or on Skype, there's one thing that everyone I know agrees on, She's ANNOYING as heck. -_- Skype groups are the worst, She'll spam it with "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" "Shadow?" And when you finally say 'What?' she'll just go "hugs?" REALLY?!! YOU SPAMMED MY NAME JUST FOR THAT?!!! This doesn't just happens once or twice, THIS IS DAILY!!!!! And not just to me. One of many reasons she's been kicked from pretty much every group I've ever been in.

Another thing is the fact that she requests free art from people all the time. Now there's nothing wrong with requesting stuff from people, but she does it to the extent that a lot of her friendships are just based on getting art from them. She's not the worst I've seen, but she's up there. The fact that she doesn't do any art, whether it be 2D Drawings/Vectors or SFM/Gmod stuff herself, but still almost demands stuff from other people for free really ticks me off. Especially when she asks people to make SFM/Gmod models for her. Now if you don't/can't use SFM/Gmod yourself, I'm not saying you can't get a model made just because you can't use it. However if you're requesting every single model type that comes out and then request from everyone you can find to use it repeatedly, that's when It gets annoying.

Now for the final part of the rant against her, Racism. She repeatedly spams us with messages saying that we need to become friends with certain people because "they're depressed and need friends" First of all, you can't force people to become friends, it doesn't work that way, okay? Now then, this one particular time she crossed the line. There was a friend called :iconshadowsniper2251:Shadowsniper2251 who was going through a bad time apparently and made a journal saying he wanted friends. (Attention whore but I'll get into that later) arianaaviles Told us to be friends with him. However, when :iconfinalprank:FinalPrank and :iconaskshyluna:AskShyLuna said they wouldn't (And I mean they have every right to, I wasn't gonna do it either because I don't just become friends with people because i'm told to), Ariana ranted at them, she even said "Why won't you help him just because he's from Brazil?!"

That's where we'd had enough of her. The spamming and annoying crap was bad enough, but now claiming that we were being racist? We didn't even KNOW he was from Brazil! His background/origins had NOTHING to do with us not wanting to befriend him. She was kicked out of the last group she was in with us, and then shortly after that she proceeded to spam us with messages Privately. arianaaviles ,i'm only going to say this once, I used to like you, but you are way too annoying, use people for art and models, and claim people are racist. I don't want anything more to do with you, please gladly accept my wishes and never bother me again. Understood?


OC.: gmodsfmrocks[David] He was BANNED from using by TIShadster[Chris](Sorry but i banned my enemy from The EOI Group because he Harassed me and we Switched Places!!!)

On to the next one, :iconfusionguybrony:fusionguybrony

Cringworthy art, lazy copy and pasting art, and sucking up to everyone. That's basically him summed up in a nutshell. He's also one of those people with crappy OC's, this time not a pony, but a TF2 Freak. He gave it ALL of the other Freaks powers, impecible memory to know every single attack so there's no way to attack it, blah blah blah OP MARY SUE AS FUCK Full story available here:

How to NOT make a TF2 freak Hello everyone FinalPrank here. im gonna talk about a certain "TF2 freak" i have noticed thats one of those overpowered mary sue creations people REALLY hate and find to be uncreative, so i talked with my new friend Uncle-Crusty and i mentioned i should make a journal about it and he said: go for it and thats what im gonna do so lets get started shall we? So the freak im gonna talk about is named Phantom thats a spy and was created by :iconfusionguybrony: and is meant to be some kind of power house that have every single known power from EVERY SINGLE TF2 FREAK! Are you fucking serious mate? Having a freak that have every single power meaning you cant kill him, he can repel/counter every attack being thrown at him, can use whatever power he wants along with their weapons and is meant to be a lawful good freak which i find to be incredbly uncreative and lazy and it makes me cringe so badly. Your freak is basicly your way to say: "hey guys my freak is so powerful that none of your fr

Now for the other shit he's done. There's a bunch of art he was told to remove from DA by TIShadster because he'd banned Fusion from the EoI (He's also good Friends with GMODSFMROCKS, Retards attract retards I guess) Let me ask you, does this look like "removed"?

When people dont understand the word REMOVAL(No one cares about Removal thing,SHUT UP ABOUT THAT AND LET'S GO!!!THE END OF EOI WAR IS HERE DUMPKONF!) And here i am again making another journal about a guy that cant take a hint when people are either telling him off on something or how they have simply blocked him and want none of his bullshit anymore so HERE WE GO AGAIN! Ok so :iconfusionguybrony: when people requests you to remove something that means you have to COMPLETELY REMOVE THEM and not put them in your SCRAPS which means to whoever requests you to remove the picture that means they dont want anyone else to see the level of ass kissery you did towards them which is the reason why most of them have blocked you or cause you supported that certain person that tried to ruin :iconMythicSpeed: and :iconJCTheAllStar31: and you even tried to make people join together to bring her and Doucheman together (which can be explained here ). So when you pulled that stunt they blocked you and want none of your shit anymore so which also means you are not allowed to use

This journal contains ALL the art he was SUPPOSED to remove, but instead MOVED it to his SCRAPS folder.

His retardedness is an insult to my braincells....

Let's get onto his crappy copy and past ass kissing art shall we?

 These Statuses explain enough on their own as well as showing some of the art I'm talking about.

Oh yeah, not only does he make this shitty copy and paste ass kissing art for Couples and as gifts, he also CHARGES POINTS for them. What a lovely gift, "hi here's some art I've made for you, btw it'll cost you points to get the picture so pay up"

The rest of his art is utter crap, don't even bother looking through his "gallery". Now The difference between him and GMODSFMROCKS is that he used SFM while Fusion used Gmod, so quality wise comparisons aren't exactly fair. However I know tons of people that are WAAAAAAY better at Gmod, and Fusion has been using it for like what? 2 Years, and he still hasn't improved at all.

He's also a major hypocrite and does anything to suck up to people, even when he says he's against them to others. Like he once made a birthday gift for someone, then the next day sent a note to someone where part of it he said that he hated them and wanted to stop them (I won't go into detail, but I'll just say that the note was one of the most retarded things I've ever heard in my life. The person that got it read it out to me in a Skype call, and the grammar was an insult to people with brains...)

  1. WTFU Cringe (WTFU SUCKS,SO STOP!!!)

No One cares about WTFU,SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Lets talk about :icontoxicholygrenade:ToxicHolyGrenade

This one I don't need to say much for, because a HUGE amont has been said about him by a bunch of people from the TF2 Gmod Freak comunity I've had a few dealings with this guy, pretty much he was harmless and I ignored him. However then this came up:

FinalPrick (Updated I) Greetings boys and girls. I'm here today to warn, and rant about a certain thunderdick named :iconfinalprank:, a user that drones on and on occasionally about other people, but to be fair, at least he made a warning/rant Journal against DDM, who is also known to be another douche, but he is much worse than FinalPrank. However, I'm usually a neutral party throughout conflicts regarding users that... other users possibly despise for obvious, and personal reasons. But I have some evidence on why you shouldn't trust FinalPrank. So take a look at these pieces of evidence to get a fucking hint on how horrible of an "asshole" he really is.

Not only he wants me to have sexual intercourse with my mother, but once I've told my mother to send a message to him, he also abused her as well.


Now, he claims to be "Neutral", however he makes people take sides. This isn't this first time he's tried to be "neutral" but take sides before. There's something I want to go over though: "So take a look at these pieces of evidence to get a fucking hint on how horrible of an "asshole" he really is." Dude, if you havent realized that FinalPrank is an asshole to people he doesn't like, you are fucking stupid -_-

"Not only he wants me to have sexual intercourse with my mother, but once I've told my mother to send a message to him, he also abused her as well." ...really? you think he was being serious? If you think that people online mean everything the say literally, you need to get off the internet because you are to stupid to use it. Also, you told your MOTHER to get involved? This idiot... this immature.....this....this.....Autistic fucking shithead. Yeah, dude, look, I know you have Autism, BUT THIS IS JUST DOWNRIGHT RETARDED!!!! I mean, he uses Thunderdick as his Ultimate insult to FinalPank. The cringe couldn't get any worse folks. I NEVER use Autism as an Insult, but for you I'm making an exception because you fucking deserve it. Why? Because of the HUGE amount of shit you've caused elsewhere. Don't believe me? Just take a look at all these: How many People wanna kick some ass? by Uncle-Crusty

Flight by invadervek geeeeeeetttttttttttt dunked on by invadervek

A response to an argument (Edit 10) HolyToxic. #2. Argument against HolyToxicGrenade? HTG

- There's a HolyToxicGrenade now. I want to die. He's probably a troll, though, so I'm not sure there's much to this guy. He's made a polar opposite to Divider, in the form of a Multiplier character. I find it kinda funny. - He's also made a journal now. Either this guy really is a troll with ambition, or he's a fucking idiot inspired by ToxicHoly. Argument against ToxicHolyGrenade, THG

- Toxic is back at it with his stupid journal, the bad grammar, the hypocrisy, the barrel-bottom-scratching comebacks, and just being himself in general. I can't comment on his account anymore because he's afraid, so I'll stop. I know I won, though. Like, he's not even scratching the bottom of the barrel anymore. He's dug through that, and now he's scratching at the cement. On a more serious note, this guy is as stubborn as a rock. I' Mathy And His Squid Gangstaz by invadervek Oh lol by invadervek


 "Don't listen to anything on what BurgerLord says. He's considered to be a an idiotic bastard."
 Actually, THG, you're considered to be an idiotic bastard. After all, I'm not the one whose hated throughout the community.

So, :icontoxicholygrenade: made a little rant about me, Spider-Mad and Courtyard. But it seems as though he especially made the rant for me. I have to say, I'm a bit flattered, but there are a few things wrong with yer rant, buttercup (here's the original rant if you wanna give it a read: ) So aside from the fact that yer grammar is shit, like "I was to call out three idiots" like you wanted to but, eh, you just didn't feel like it, YouTube won't ban me for adopting yer character (Divider, the Mathiest Math Teacher) and making funna you in the process. That's freedom of speech, mate. I can make funna you as much as I want. DeviantArt won't ban me fer laughing at you, because that's not against the


Again, there's no possible way that I'm bribing, whether you believe me or not.

And once more, I DIDN'T FUCKING RIP OFF DESTROYER! How about taking a bath with a fucking toaster!? Jesus.

Your statement with my apology gift giving having to do with listening to me is just nonsense, I never said it was. You're stupid. Just stupid. My grammar is fine, there's nothing wrong with my ways of making sentences, it was a small mistake.Nobody is considered perfect. Again, you don't know everything, or even anything about me!

You can't just hate people for simply breaking rules, and even repeatingly, all a community, and even a fully functional one should do, has to berate them passively, not just hate them at the same time. That's what School doe

He also Spammed people's comment section with Insults and demands. Take a look at this guy's comment section:

"Nobody gives a shit about your bullshit, lunacy-inducing, Journals and Deviations that were made to ruin my reputation. Give the FUCK up, you are all just plain stupid and immature, and you, (like the rest of the people I've called out in my Perpetration Journal) are really incapable of listening to me, at all." That was one of the most retarded and Immature thing's I've ever seen in my life, and HE claims THEY'RE being immature XD

"The whole moral of the story is that I can do whatever the fuck I want as I see fit, and I will NOT conform, to any of you pricksters, that constantly flow around my bloodstream and SLOWLY, MAKING ME SUFFER, BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SAME CONDITION THAT I HAVE! I WOULD RATHER JUST STAB YOUR NECK REALLY HARD WITH A KNIFE. And LEAVE YOU, TO CHOKE ON YOUR OWN BLOOD!"

Wow, this dude has issues. Nothing a good psycho ward can't fix. Only place for a psychopathic retarded douche bag like him. He also uses big words to make himself seem smarter, but doesn't know what any of them mean as he never uses them in the right context. There's this thing called an internet, use it before making yourself seem even more like a brainless moron.

@ToxicHolyGrenad, Get lost. You're an immature shithead that on one wants on this site, and you can fuck off. I never want to see you on my Page again, If I see you anywhere near me or my friends, you'll have hell to pay, Mister 'neutral'

RIGHT, time for the Final one, :iconprowlfan1011: Prowlfan1011, this time, it's personal...

This guy.... The epitomy of retarded shitty ignorant impudent Presumtuous arrogant shit heads I've ever had the dispeesure of ever meeting in my life.… It started out with me just making a simple reply to a comment he made on a Journal, which then blew up into something major.

"Something tells me you bully and abuse people for your own selfish gain, this also tells me that you claim to be mature, but you're not, you just act like you're mature, but you act like a spoiled brat who thinks he better than everyone else, and you have no emotions whatsoever, this is why your friend is now the #1 most hated deviant on this site, if you want to avoid this stop coming to this site 'cuz you have no place here." This is what really Pisses me off. There are many things you can call me and I won't give a shit, but claiming I bully and abuse people for selfish gain? That's when I come in to fuck you up you pathetic shitty excuse for a human being. In a lot of rants, There are two personalties I try to hold back, Bitterness and Corruption. But this time, I'll let them say whatever the fuck they want, I don't give a shit.

That little comment wasn't the only thing he did btw, he started a fight with FinalPrank and WyldFyr56, going as far as to say that all of their friends were either stupid or retarded. Dude, you just claimed that me, Jolly-Old-Cinema, CinnaJen, DJWingBeatz, DragonGamezArt, SpiritWolfOfIce, RedAceOfSpades, TIShadster, AlphaRoyal01, JCTheAllStar31, BeardedDoomGuy and a bunch of others are either Stupid or Retarded. That is a fight you do NOT want to start buddy, know who you're talking to before trying to win arguments with shitty replies and screwing yourself over with your general fucking stupidity.

Take a look at the fight that's on TIShadster's profile:…

You need to be taught a lesson buddy, how about we cut you down to size?

"Listen buddy, We're not holding back anything this time. If you think We've been brutal with what's been said about people so far oooooh we're not done yet you insignificant little shit. This time we're going personally all the way, no holds barred, nothing restrained. No one gives a flying fuck about you, you're nothing. Who are you? You've been on DA for 3 years? Only got 27 watchers. You are a pathetic pile of nothing that nobody gives a shit about, don't you DARE come to us with your fucking retarded arrogance and shitty arguments. Who do you think you are? Go fuck yourself with a cactus, and NEVER return to DA again, got it you retarded faggot?" ~Bitterness

You see why I keep personalites like him locked up?

Here's the moral of the story:

Fuck with me, I get pissed Fuck with my friends or family, you're going to fucking die bitch.

Right, well I feel a lot better now that I've got all that off my chest and don't have to worry about some of my personalites trying to force me out of control to rant about others.

I've had enough to deal with this month, what with the Kaylin Drama that happened and my Grandfather dying last week in hospital. I've had ENOUGH of this shit and I don't want to see any more of it from anyone, ESPESUALLY the 5 people I just mentioned in this journal. arianaaviles GMODSFMROCKS fusionguybrony ToxicHolyGrenade and Prowlfan1011, If i see any more crap from ANY OF YOU, there'll be hell to pay...

Have a nice day! You'll have a bad day,when you're DEATH!!! -???

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