"Ya gotta junction! Ya know?"
- Totally not stolen from Final Fantasy 8

AdmirialTrainstorm, PlacementGuy or NotSnowske is a person who has a misleading name, as he is not an admiral, but a guy who owns a pretty sweet boat. He just sorta turned up intent on winning the prize money. He spends most of his time on GameFAQS, a websites dedicated to video game players and other losers.

AdmirialTrainstorm start his career as a gmod guy in 2011. At some point, he got fired for poking fun at kellog's worker and saris khan't.

AdmirialTrainstorm plays fighting games. He is also a fan of Touhou. His favorite character is Sanae Kochiya.

SarisKhan's best quoteEdit

"That's pretty simple. We used to enjoy TF2 Freak stuff together. He also did relentlessly make fun of and troll several other Gmodders. But they were mostly THG-like guys so we found that amusing. At some point he turned against us, so to speak, and didn't seem to stop, so eventually we banned him from the FreakShow wiki and cut all contact.

The way I see him now he's basically a slightly different THG. No reasoning with him, speaks gibberish, repeats the same things over and over again with little variation. I also particularly dislike his habit of pretending/claiming that other people (of the FreakShow community especially) are, feel or do something "bad" or "stupid", and he's allegedly just nonchalantly pointing it out.

Take a look at this to see what I mean. It's as if he were talking with some imaginary interpretation of me rather than, you know, me. Quite boring hilarious."

- Saris's thoughts on fun


  • AdmirialTrainstorm totally knows the score.
  • AdmiralTrainstorm has won the prize money

Unnoticeable stuffEdit

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