Akio Furukawa is by the coolest character in Clannad. He makes bread and plays baseball and has a bitchin' voice. He is also probably the best dad in any tv show. His wife Sanae makes horrible bread but he makes her feel better by forcefeeding himself it and screaming. He is kind of a stalker but that's okay.

He stepped on a chisel once and it was funny because he made Russia-noises.


Akio goes to the baseball park and hits homeruns, he screams and sounds like an idiot when he does this. He is probably training to challenge the baseball guy, the ultimate pitcher.

Akio basically owns this baseball group thing and he just beats it 1vsEveryone all the time, no touhou nor kiwami can defeat him at baseball. However, the baseball guy would kick his ass up the wall.


Akio's kid and her friend are the stars of the show, this is clearly wrong because Akio is the biggest showstealer there, whenever he is around the only important thing is making sure he says something stupid angrily.

MC Akio

He dressed up as the baseball guy this one time. Rare example of acceptible cosplay.

Also his daughter is basically Sakura Avalon and what'shisface is basically AOC .

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