"Your ways are wrong! Open your eyes inklings! Your leaders use you to boost their pathetic egos to bring narcissism to the community! This community is fucked!"
- Ice7Ruler7King

The Anti Inkling Movement is an ongoing war usually divded into two intertwined conflicts the first being the conflict with Ice7Ruler7King followed by the 'BurgerLord-Omega-TheInklingCapitalist' conflict.



According JamaicanHedgie 08, the Anti Inkling Movement originated when the movement's creator and leader, Ice7Ruler7King started creating and posting Anti Inkling logos. Soon he began to accuse people of pedophila.


Time: 0LD SHITEdit



Ice7Ruler7King - Leader and creator of the Anti Inkling Movement party and the movement itself.

LilRussianPanda -

BurgerLord / THEH07P14T3 - He fights to protect people from shit. Currently fighting the Italian pizza dude.

Evatron / GOOD CAP'N - BurgerLord's helping hand.

SplatTerminator / Vlad - Second Spider-Mad.


Inspector Heavy - The big fish and mostly seen as one of the leaders of the kingdoms. Has supposed allegations of child porn.

OmegaSquidMan - Second commander of the Inklings. Again supposed practitioner of child sex and bestality.

TheInklingCapitalist / Edward Stephano / SHIRTLESS ITALIAN DUDE - BurgerLord's main punching bag as of this moment. He is currently getting his dick cut off because of Evatron.

SeantheInkling - One of those kids who says to the bully to "stop".

Major Agent 3 Guy - A deformed Inkling whose Humanoid form looks like a skinnier Yoshi. He love doing that shitty crossover thingy.

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