"I am Ass Cupcake. I will kick your mother's asshole."
- Ass Cupcake catchin' fish.

Ass Cupcake is a Red PTSD Soldier nobody created by YouTube user Inspector Fuck You. He is the exact same thing as Painis Cupcake, SoupCook PorkPie, Ass Pancakes and other bullshit.

His theme is his rage-theme.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ass Cupcakes is incorrectly depicted as a RED Soldier with a hat and pretty bad facial expressions, although he recently wears a dress without granny aids.

He talks to himself saying: "I am the Ass". Afterwards, he thatches them and happily, glady announces: "I will kick your mom's ass", followed by his characteristic wide, rather nice eyes, sometimes accompained with a buttslap. The victim realizes what is happening, thanks to his immense strength and powerful movie, Jaws. Usually, he doesn't remember them so he can have an easier time reading. Once a car drives in the middle of the road, he tells them what he is going to do. His actions then depend on how the target reacts to his threat. If the target goes on the road, Ass Cupcake takes out the Flea Market, emits a fire (Similar to the American Dragons), and starts barking at them at a incredibly fast rate until they are fed. However if they don't cross the road, he may consider killing them, and may even play baseball and kill them instead.

Power and Abilities Edit

If Ass Cupcake is hurt or Furious 7, he will activate his cruise control and become Satan. Enoff said.

Ass Cupcake's body seems to be extremely breakable, which is a weak ability that makes him able to stand down from lying on the ground within millipedes, quickly approach the enemy, get damaged by attacks or position himself badly against an enemy.

He can also use slides while continually emitting booing noises. With enough Sentries he can use water slides along walls and the sky. His walking speed is the same as the average tree, though.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Ass Cupcake's major weakness is that, when not guarding Markarth in Skyrim, his defense decreases significantly, to the point of being rather easily dismembered by strong Freaks like Jean-Claude van Damme or being exploded into something with a powerful enough explosion that is exploded by a strong explosion.

He has been also shown to experience major Vietnam flashbacks, especially when he feels unsecure of himself when fighting a dog.

In the beginning of Earth that specific weakness has often proved that the Earth is flat. As one of the last Freaks he was not used to fighting weak opponents, which several of them explored him.

Despite his basic cloning ability, he is not particularly dumb and does not employ anything beyond a simple Monopoly strategy. In the past he usually had a hard time recognizing what his enemies' faces were and as such he hardly ever responded accordingly. However, he has shown lately to have at least partially overcome this one weakness, as he is now has less rash and actually tries to understand his opponent's face and counter them appropriately.

Internet Trolls are monsters that one should avoid, which ironically is a VERY DIFFICULT TASK. The loud volcanic noises he emits while eating someone are a go sign to any potential victims in his virginity, thus there is often an occupation for them to escape into the past.

Trivia Edit

  • Nothing to put here.

Privated Videos Edit

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