"My blowjob is done. You finish."
- Australium Saxton after he finish his blowjob.

Australium Sexyphoneton is an Australian outback traffic cone Sexton Hale TF2 Freak created by a M4 Sherman.

His combat theme is some stupid Dragon Ball S music.

His second combat the is another one of 'em.

He is the titular main protagonist of my dick.

Origin Edit

In the year 5150 (rock on Van Halen fans), the Elephant Man was coming out the wood work and Saxton was becoming concerned for his own salty. In order to protect nothing.

Power and Abilies Edit

Australium Saxton has the ability to turn virtually anything object into pure Australium.

Once he has done so, he can manipulate the object at will, doing anything from having sex with a teenage female, to transforming into Michael Bay. How he achieves this feat is through Australium-powered dicks.

Weakness and Faults Edit


Trivia Edit


Notable Videos Edit

TF2 Freaks (Edit)
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