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50px THIS PAGE IS BEING WATCHED BY Nicholas "Riolu The Cat Fucker" Salerno.
"Just a cute little kitty~"
- How Riolu views himself.

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Template:Ib Template:Ibhead Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibrow Template:Ibend BlueCatRiolu (also known as Riolu The Blue Cat or simply Riolu, powerword: Nicholas Salerno) is a cat-obsessed, narcissistic, chode-gargling fuckstain, who loves to shit out an endless slew of third-rate furry art on DeviantArt. All of his works are visibly mouse-drawn with one hand in Microsoft Paint, freeing the other hand for more important activities. This art of his has the consistent quality of blocky, aliased shit, always containing inflation, vore, and other disturbing fetishes (like shipping same genders allegedly).

When not posting his scribblings, BlueCatRiolu enjoys his time on DeviantArt by begging for Points or a Core membership, and writing hate journals about people who criticize him, while linking to them in said journals. These call-out journals have predictably created a strong animosity towards BlueCatRiolu, and as such he must be constantly guarded by a team of highly dedicated white knights, who stand ready to defend him from the evils of constructive criticism and his defectors.

The fact that this guy and his atrocious works of art have pulled in over a half-million page views in a span of about five years, while many great artists squalor in comparative obscurity, should tell you a lot about the current state of DeviantArt, and its user base consisting of mostly teenagers, such as the GoAnimate community.

Years before becoming a furry demon todayEdit

"Stop it! You're insulting me! :("
- Riolu being his butthurt self in 2014.

BlueCatRiolu's presence before signing up on DeviantArt is one that's quite interesting. His story dates back to 2010 (when he was the same age group as ChristianU2ber) when he first signed up for Scratch, a educational site dedicated to games and videos. He initially used an OC based off the actual Pokémon Riolu, which was named Riolu, a name which he still uses.

As he still is today, Riolu was completely obsessed with cats and Pokémon, inserting his obviously copyrighted and stolen Riolu "OC" into his Scratch projects, which were mainly remixes of projects other people with more creative mindsets did before him. He even went the road to include a backstory on his entire life leading up to him signing up for his holy grail of autistic bullshit that he calls DeviantArt.

According to some individuals, Riolu's antics involving cats date back to around 2004. He said in the now deleted journal that he had a strange dream involving cats. Keep in mind that he was only around 4 at this time. He also claims to have watched Sagwa as a young child as well, which contributes to why he made its titular character his "waifu." Riolu also claims he started "drawing" as early as the age of three even though his art doesn't show much improvement, drawing characters from 101 Dalmatians. He found out about Scratch through his school, which more then likely helped him get into social media, a mistake his family would greatly regret for the rest of their lives. Template:Cg

What do we think of his childhood?Edit


His early days on DeviantArtEdit


Riolu originally signed up for DeviantArt on April 21st, 2012. As with his existing Scratch account, he posted poorly-drawn pics of his Pokémon "OC" 'Riolu' in various different and edgy scenarios. He would continue doing this until the later part of 2014, which is when he introduced his new godawful, uncreative Gary Stu fursona: Riolu the Blue Cat. As seen with most autistic users on DA, Riolu began to cause massive amounts of drama on the site. Riolu also started posting journals which constantly rambled on about his "friends," or how his live was, and so on.

A year later, his "friend" Template:Dauser, a typical low-key pedo who stalks minors, decided to influence Riolu into drawing inflation and other cringy fetishes. This helped set the tone for the rest of the events that led up to where Riolu is now.

Some of Riolu's earliest activities on DAEdit


Stellar character designEdit

BlueCatRiolu's OC is a generic blue-colored cat named Riolu, a name derived from Lucario's baby form. Riolu's design is a direct rip-off of Happy from Fairy Tail, except it wears a collar which has a Poké Ball tag on it. Riolu can do anything; he has a million forms and can insert himself in any fandom he pleases. His character has no real flaws or personality, other than being a Gary Stu. Its variations include six cringe-inducing, edgy "rage" mode forms, as well as an Inkling. It is also common that he'll reuse bases he created himself, showing a sign of laziness. BlueCatRiolu responds to any criticism of this character very negatively, even if it's from a friend who's simply trying to help him. He even stole someone else's eye style and got tumblr just to attack them!

Wanting attentionEdit

Unable to do anything original, he constantly writes a million journals each day, detailing his depression and why it entitles him to your asspats. Most lolcows do all sorts of tactics in order to gain attention, regardless if it's positive or negative. The notable ones, including BlueCatRiolu will do anything to get attention, including journals and status updates on DA. It's pretty common that he'll post at least one status update or journal in a week, gaining up to more than twenty comments of total autistic bullshit. Of course, most detail his banal life issue, such as his issues with friends leaving him, generally because they found the truth about him. Most comments are generally those who see Riolu as their friend, even though he doesn't give a shit about them. Template:Collapsegallery
Template:Collapsegallery Archived versions of most of these journals can be found here: Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Archive Template:Clear


Riolu's "friends"Edit

Template:Achtung It should be known that while BlueCatRiolu has many Internet "friends," there are some that stand out more than others, and those are usually the ones that have the most influence over Riolu. Generally, Riolu's friends are younger teens, and those who either don't care about Riolu's immaturity and creepiness or are unaware of it.



(Powerword: Tristian Mcloud) BlueCatRiolu's current girlfriend and one of many who whiteknight and "defend" him against the evils of criticism and so forth. She is infamous for causing tons of drama regarding how people treat Riolu as well as herself and her "issues" in life including her past. She claims her past was abusive and whines over her friend Clare being killed by Destiny, an "enemy" of Oreo's as well as her mom ignoring and hating her. If this is true or not, no one will ever know even though she wants you to believe it is to give her sympathy. Most of her art is generally similar to that of Riolu's, with used bases and stolen art as well as an obsession over shitty Undertale fanart.

It is quite important to note that Oreo is known for doing sexual roleplays. After an incident with SweetBaby in which she did a sexual rp in the comment threads, she was later banned from DeviantArt entirely. She has signed up under several socks that Riolu himself created for her and disgusies in order to be with Template:Dauser who is considered by her to be her best friend.

Oreo's accounts:



(Powerword: Yalisa Martinez) Some random hispanic fag off of DA, living in Bawwstuhn, Massive-jew-tits who seemed to spark an interest in BlueCatRiolu and they became best friends. It is not known why Lisa would want to be friends with such a bad influence such as Riolu other then their mediocre skills in art. Most of her art is generally free of fetishes, but still has the use of the circle tool. Her "OCs" are bland and boring as well, with shitty "stories" that no one gives a shit anyways about. She is 20, yet still attends high school more than likely because she is mentally challenged. She also rps with Riolu and his friends as well. Lisa is also close friends with Riolu's actual "girlfriend", Oreo. She is said to be the girlfriend of Template:Dauser which is likely false considering she has a CLOSER relationship with Riolu. She is also the sister of youtuber Template:Ytuser, a popular YouTube gamer who thinks he'll reach 100,000 subscribers even though it'll never happen.NEVERMIND, HE MADE A NEW CHANNEL ANYWAYS!!!

Lisa's accounts:

Her "boyfriend's" accounts:

Her brother's accounts:


Doesn't get involved much in the drama revolving around BlueCatRiolu, but is considered to be one of riolu's main "friends". Has a dog fursona named Doug. Considers Riolu to be his first "friend" on DeviantArt.

Doug's accounts:


Now, you're probably wondering, HOW THE FUCK COULD THEY CALL THEMSELVES SEXY!?!?! Well, there's nothing remotely "sexy" about circle tool ham-hams. Martin, a 20-year-old manchild is another best friend of Riolu's who like most who "support" him whiteknights his ass. He is also a Hamtaro fag by his obsession with the anime. He has attended college, but by the looks of his mentality it appears as if he hasn't even finished fucking primary school!! Martin claims himself to have been abused by his parents even at the age of 20. As of now, they aren't even aware of his association to BlueCatRiolu. He is constantly depressed and has caused drama because of his "depression."

Martin's accounts:


Schoolfilmer (Powerword: Kim André) is what you would describe as your generally average low key DA pedo. At first glance at his gallery on there you'd assume he'd be just another weird fetish artist. That is where you are wrong. Since 2011, Kim has been known for causing some minor amounts of drama and shoving his fetishes into people which including mainly inflation as well as macro and micro drawings of hamtaro characters. He is a former friend of some person from Canada, but drew troll art of them. He also stalks BlueCatRiolu's DA and posts cutesy cat faces. He is also over 20 years of age, possibly indicating a case of autism. Kim is the one responsible for influencing BlueCatRiolu around 2015 to start drawing inflation and big bellies in general and has since remained a figure in BlueCatRiolu's group of friends.

Kim's accounts:


Eevee350, or Umbre, is a typical average young adult user on DA and FA. His association with BlueCatRiolu is mainly minor although he has had moments of drama with him, mainly dealing with his depression and so forth. Some of the characters Riolu includes in his "comics" are owned by this user, including the character "Rose" which Riolu himself drew with her rear inflated. How either of them enjoy something like that will always been questionable. Riolu even got the pic animated by Sparkalloon which was shitty in itself.

Umbre's accounts:


Commonly known as sonofss2-version2 or xwell the inflatable fenpony (Powerword: Daniel William Dieter) is another inflation furfag who commonly refers to Riolu as a "brother" of his because he's a mentally challenged weirdo. Like Riolu, he creates tons of drama and shit and forces disgusting fetishes like farting onto people. Even Riolu himself admitted to considering Martin his "#1 Brother" and Sonofss2 his "#2 Brother." Don't ask, it's stupid roleplay shit as usual.

Sonofss2's accounts:

Fuckboys and white knights (examples)Edit


  • Template:Ytchannel – A possible 11 year-old who over-reacted over someone making a hate video out of Riolu. He also has a presumed sockpuppet named Template:Ytchannel.
  • Template:Dauser – A 19-year-old manchild who thinks he is a Pikachu in real life. Has shitty artistic skills in par with a 6-year-old. Records himself waving a Pikachu plush around.
  • Template:Dauser – Formerly Template:Dauser Shitty, whiny Mexican artist who, along with Micaloon, harassed Selphy6 into unfiltering his drawings. Only made an account to hide from ED.
  • Template:Dauser – Psychotic tard who screams "RETARD!" at anyone who disagrees with BlueCatRiolu. Is very butthurt and wants to kill ED and KF with Smiley (his OC that is named after the faggot demon from the movie of the same name).
  • Template:Dauser – Some random person befriended Riolu,so much so he can be given the account at random when he's under a shitstorm. He also makes a "comic" series called The Mystery Dungeoneers, which in reality are skits with no real meaning that take up 80% of the gallery.
  • Template:Dauser – Also known as Template:Dauser. Autistic BlueCatRiolu fanboy who was too lazy to create an OC, so he just used BlueCatRiolu's art and colored it in red. Allegedly sends death threats to those against BlueCatRiolu and his friends. He is also obsessed with Toonami. It has been reported he is only around 12-13 years old.
  • Template:Dauser – A whiny bastard. Has a dying "crush" on Template:Dauser. Has his own shitty Microsoft Paint art. Is dense as a brick and has a tendency to revive old drama, including drama involving Template:Dauser.
  • Template:Dauser – Creates fake logos featuring the names of Riolu and his "friends". Riolu loves his "Sagwa logos" for obvious reasons. Actually made "vent art" against ED and KF.
  • Template:Dauser – Inflation fag who also can't be assed to improve at drawing. Has not improved for the two years he has been registered on DeviantArt. Conveniently ignores BlueCatRiolu's behavior.
  • Template:Dauser – Constantly replies to everything Riolu posts pretty much. Types in huge ass paragraphs about shit nobody cares about. Also makes shitty 30-40 minute videos on YouTube.
  • Template:Dauser – Some random fag who obsesses over miis for some fucking reason. Makes shitty drawings and "worships"Template:Dauser.
  • Template:Dauser – A.K.A. Template:Dauser and Template:Dauser – A BlueCatRiolu fanboy who likes to stalk BlueCatRiolu's page as well as those who have went against him. Is very annoying and has a huge obsession over him and Lisa. Also likes the Burnout series for some fucking reason.
  • Template:Dauser – A former Doom mapper who essentially makes art featuring deformed humans that look like they are mentally impaired. Is Template:Age years old.

Former watchersEdit


Things BlueCatRiolu has ripped off and ruinedEdit


Like any autistic fantard, BlueCatRiolu plagiarizes various animated properties for his own original works. Notably, he has bastardized a good portion of furry cartoons made for little children and even preschoolers. Similar to our beloved Chris-chan, he crams these copyrighted characters into his own shitty artwork, gives them a thousand alternate forms, and then uses random Metal Gear music as their theme songs. If none of this makes sense to you, you are probably not as chromosomally exceptional as him.

  • Alien
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine
  • The Cat Returns
  • Cave Story
  • Freedom Planet
  • Heathcliff
  • I.M. Meen
  • Kirby
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  • Metroid
  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Night in the Woods
  • Night on the Galactic Railroad
  • Peanuts
  • Pokémon
  • Resident Evil
  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Splatoon
  • Star Fox
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Wan Wan Celeb Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin
  • Yo-kai Watch


Star CatEdit

Additionally, he is the author of an all-new series (NOT A BLATANT RIP-OFF OF STAR FOX) named "Star Cat." Involving basically every cat character in existence, Riolu has taken characters such as Sagwa and given them so many powers that it makes you wonder what goes on in his head when he "invents" this stuff. Take a shit story and combine it with misspelled words and a plot that feels rushed and boring, and you have this masterpiece. It's about the only story that could come close to being like the notorious Sonichu comics. Template:Collapsegallery

His "characters" in Star CatEdit



Template:Fyi A common occurrence you'll probably notice with Riolu is how he is constantly bragging over how "terrible" his life is. This is shown throughout much of his "stories" and artwork which mostly involve the alledged death of parents. Why this seems to be a common theme is quite obvious. He alledgly hates his parents even though they do a lot for him because they constantly "argue" with him over his fetishes and how he wastes his life online instead of getting a life and working!

Examples of this in his art.Edit



IRL inflation cringeEdit


Out of this entire article, this alone probably shocked you the most. Riolu commonly is shown to enjoy IRL inflation which has promoted tons of drama from him forcing it onto others. He is known to love bloating, thinking it won't hurt you or anything. It makes you wonder if this guy is even sane and well, he sadly isn't. Template:Cg
Template:Clear He will also try to make you bloat or do other forms of IRL inflation so watch out! He also has a "bloating school" server on Discord, just another of the numerous servers he's created on there. Just do yourself a favor and don't think of inflating yourself IRL, unless you're willing to commit suicide, that is.

Out in the publicEdit

BlueCatRiolu is so dense that he is willing to expose himself out in public with his fetishes. Even at school, you can see him logging into his DA even though he's an idiot for failing to know that it's unsafe to do that and viewing his profile and replying to messages about his fetish shit. You'd think he'd keep his fetish activity a secret, but no, he doesn't.

Discovering this articleEdit

"The real reason they want ED and Kiwi Farms down probably is because they don't want their reputation to be ruined, isn't it already ruined enough though?"
- One of his former watchers telling the truth as to why Riolu wants ED and Kiwi Farms taken down.

Template:Fyi Of course, when Riolu found out someone gave his IRL pic to ED, he immediately went raging about taking down ED, claiming it's "privacy harassment," but failing to note that the site is meant for satire and is not to be taken seriously, something he'll never understand because of his stupidity. He rages "war" against ED as well as Kiwi Farms, another site he hates for criticizing him because God forbid if he got negative feedback on himself. He even made a server once for taking both sites down, Sure that'll work! NOT! Riolu also created this shitty ass petition on shutting down ED, an unrealistic "hope" they have.

There's also the fact that Rio and his whiteknights wish they could've killed the creators of ED and Kiwi Farms when they were babies, failing to note how both sites got their start in the first place.


The whiteknights have also said that they wish to kill the editors of this article as well! It makes you wonder if they're really okay in the head. Template:Cg

DeviantArt account takeoverEdit

Template:Breakingnews On July 24th, 2017, someone got into Riolu's account to announce he was a "troll defense turret," which has to be the most genius plan that will never fail. Due to fear of a mass troll attack on both accounts, the journal was deleted.

"I am Dungeonation! His new DA co-runner and moderator! His Troll Defense Turret, if you will. He has decided to enlist

my help making sure everyone is doing okay and to prevent him from the trolls and people who make him want to leave every so often. So now Riolu is here to stay and it's nice to meet you all!! I try to be the nicest person I can be and I think Riolu will appreciate my help! I'm very honored to be his new Defense Turret. <3"

- Dungeonation, a random person who you can totally trust with your account..

And then Riolu proceeds to leave DA, giving Dungeonation his account, no joke. Note that Dungeonation is the same person who had hijacked Darlalloons26's account.

File:Oh dear by bluecatriolu-dbhgcq1.jpg

And then Riolu comes BACK with one of the most confusing journals ever seen yet to date:

"I am officially back on my own account and Dungeonation said this:"Basically, I just wanted to help you out, and meet your friends even closer. I probably wasn't gonna keep it up for long anyway, and we've decided on collaborating on the secondary account you made after I took over. And more importantly we're still cool. And I think that art from you will drive home it's you."This explains why Dungeonation isn't a bad guy."
- The fucker himself.

You may have noticed the thing about the "secondary account". Yes, he MAY still be gone on the main, but he's on ANOTHER mainly.

Quotes about BlueCatRioluEdit


Videos featuring himEdit

Videos telling the truthEdit


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His picsEdit


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His fetish "art"Edit


Art others have done for himEdit


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