Car Crash Pile Up Dude is a new character. He is no figure of authority but people will give him the time of day ya know?

He has a swiss bank account and he is voting for Tronald. He is reportedly very extremely excellent and tells this to everyone. Twice. His theme inspires a longing for savage beatings to the edge of perdition. By the way you never have to make videos of characters in order to keep them in this wiki so if you like this guy don't get your hopes up. He is the prime minister of a dominoes company and he steals chess pieces in order to introduce disarray to the rival game.

Car Crash Pile Up Dude has a super tragic backstory. His name used to be something human or like, something you could just hear and think yeah that's someone's name but one day he got hit by a car so hard his name broke and some of the letters rolled down the drain and since cars were on his mind he just kinda aimlessly put the letters back together in the wrong order and accidentally renamed himself Car Crash Pile Up Dude. He got cooler and better though.

If you invited him to a tea party he would go as his dignity has already taken enough of a beating that he'd just be happy with the free tea. He kicks postal workers in the shin every morning to numb their legs for when the local dogs inevitably gnaw them off.


Demoman gazed on in awe as Car Crash Pile Up Dude just kept refusing to engage with the pet store owner's efforts to communicate.

list of locally acclaimed Attacks:


hit with fishbowl over cranium


disregard warning signs


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