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Crabrante before becoming a monster.

Crabrante was a product served at the Krusty Krab. Crabrante was such a stupid character that he ended up tearing off one of his eye-stalk. His laugh was perfectly fine until when he dies, he screams in agony, and that's crikey.

Crabrante is a dirt. He doesn't washed his hand, always read crab porn and pushed a kid off of a billboard. Even though he became a monster, he doesn't eat crabs because he was not a cannibal and he was a crab like them. He used to be a mascot of McDonald s until the real mascot, Ronald McDonald, steps in and kicks the stupid crab out of the picture because crabs are not allowed in McDonald's.

Wow, you got some sweet moves, ya?Edit

Actually, Crabrante has no superpowers other than his mutations into a crab. He just smash people in order to demonstrate his awesome powers (which is boring).

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