"u cannae xcape JUSTICE"
- Doctor Justice

Doctor Justice was a former leader of the highly prolific movement, the THG Conflict, despite leaving half-through the war. He is known for fearlessness and his famous quote that has cemented his popularity, "u cannae xcape JUSTICE" which has been uttered many times during the THG Conflict. He is also known to have the song Kiss - Shout It Out Loud to be his theme song whenever battling THG and his allies.

Biography Edit

He first joined the war on October 3, 2015 and paved the movement further by being the first person to vandalize the Divider article and soon enough, people constantly vandalized the article making his first successful change in the movement.

After this he constantly went bombed ToxicHolyGrenade's most communications but suddenly stopped on October 3, 2015, the day he joined though he went into two of Toxic's talks before AWOL.

Despite being remembered for his contributions to the THG Conflict on October 3, 2015, which is now labeled to an unpronounceable word, Yedenjkchso Day, he is still popular hero is still talked today though not as always.

Trivia Edit

  • SarisKhan, himself has made an image tribute to Doctor Justice, which depicts him standing on the corpses of ToxicHolyGrenade's TF2 Freaks, Divider and Neo.
  • Kugawattan has also said Doctor Justice's catchphrase when ToxicHolyGrenade battled him.

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