Females are the weakest form of the human species, though only a few have enchanced their through many different way including going to fake wrestling like John Cena.

Females (mostly) attempt to be David Bowie with their appearance with the use of body shape and their breasts, for some reason.

Luckly enough there are a few girls in the world who have man up.

Characteristics Edit

You, the idiot might be wondering how to identify a woman. First off, they alwayd have long hair for some reason. Now thinking about, they like long stuff. Looks like we find a characteristic, women like long stuff.

Another main characteristic is that have breasts. Size doesn't matter but if you see two things sticking out of women's shirt then she's definitely a women.

Another identifable characteristic of them is they talk in stupid voices. Examples include, high-pitched voice, giggling and "OH MY GOD" in a girly voice.

The last characteristic she has is... cough... cough... a... vagina. You didn't see that coming didn't ya!

Population Edit

Because men are stronger, smarter than women, God put a few woman in this world so men could have --censored for your pleasure--.


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