- Filthy Frank greets to people.

Filthy Frank is a one, big, motherfucker who is secretly a weeaboo due to watching anime and being fluent in Japanese. In fact, most of his room consists of Japanese words and shits.

Filthy Frank is very weird. He screams a lot, makes weird poses, and tells people about his experiences with schools, girls, issues and other shits like a spolied child, making him borderline insane. He lives with his girly friend, Pinkie Pie, and his neighbor, Tourette’s Guy. He seems to have a lot of friends, despite his hostility and insanity.

He's actually George Miller disguised as a character disguised as everyone else (except for Chromosome Kid, Jamal, Jingle Balls, Mr. Negi, Prometheus, Red Dick, Trash and the other two guys from the Tempura Boys) in his show.


Unnoticeable stuff, motherfucker!Edit

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