"just a youtube/DA watcher around here and patreon donor to some animators and that guy that made that journal about Nin10dogamez stealing stuff from people and your tf2 freak wiki and putting on his own version"
- FinalPrank

FinalPrank is a well-known Swedish female SFM animator and has been associated with the SFM Community along with Mr. -Insert Stolen Character Name- and Sariskahn. She has created too many character called Freaks, for example the Elephant Man which is extremely racist as the people from Africa see elephants.

Since she is a Minecraft: Let's Player's, she is a confirmed pedophile not really though as she likes muthas. She really wants to the stab the hell out of GMODSFMROCKS and possibly other TheInvertedShadow.




His profile image is that of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell character Yu Narukami with some other guy on the other half.

So basically the image has half and half of a character from the video game series. Cool.


She is known for a ton of shit. Whether if she is serious is up to YOU or probably Wikipedia, the expensive encyclopedia. As of now she does rants like I Hate Everything about foes of TheInvertedShadow since obviously she's a friend and ally of TIS.

As of now ToxicHolyGrenade as currently ranting about her since, FinalPrank is willing to fuck THG's mother for some reason. Is there a word for the cougar-male version?

TF2 Freaks (Edit)
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