Fluttershy is the creator of all dimensions and sent Broly to kill Goku. She's the equivalent of cancer in the sagas.

Fluttershy trapped shrek in the torture tree for 69 million years to keep him from telling the other gods of her betrayal.

She can give people Diabeetus at will and is stronger then even ssj 666911 gokuugabedee.

She is a part of the 6 heavenly destroyers planning to destroy the existence and recreate it.

She returns in DMO but is banished by Oru.

Her 1st form arouses manchildren for some reason though her 2nd and 3rd form are used to stop time and stare into and devour souls.

Fluttershy has been seen throughout the series scolding Miyazaki for doing his job wrong and spending more time smoking weed then bombing innocent people.

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