"Yo, wuz crackalackin', biatch? Yo ass is smokin tha friendly neighborhood, evil genius, Spider-Mad's DeviantArt page."
- Spider-Mad introduce his DeviantArt Page

Friendly Neig---- ah, it's too long for me to say his entire name or Uno, Dos, Tres, Clockwise is a superstar paramedic who saves people's lives when running on a track for one mile.

In his up time he constantly thrusts his sword at ToxicHolyGrenade along with other guys including BurgerLord, AdmiralTrainstorm and possibly Riv. These people and Spider-Mad are known as the group, Knights of the Dark & the Triangle who fight really bad TF2 Freaks and people who go into I fights within the TF2 Freak Community.


Not much of his past is listed in history though he is purported to be secretly AdmiralTrainstorm, the United Nation's Secretary or a puppy.

His first public appearance happened on Seinfeld where he first went in search of his master from Japan where Juha warranty blocked him for trying to find his master.

He later went to Chinese Ruins and arrived while the THG Conflict was at its last half of its first stage. There he jumped on a bandwagon and broke it and went to war with THG possibly wanting to become his master.

Suddenly both BurgerLord and ToxicHolyGrenade went to the Lake of Fire only for ToxicHolyGrenade to escape and for BurgerLord to reincarnate and the fight continues and into 2016.

And yep, Spider-Mad was still here, kickin'.

The THG Conflict settled down for a bit near early Mid-2016 and since then Spider-Mad was half-dead.


  • He has played a major force in Chess.
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