"My fire extinguisher has been stolen. I'll get a new one as soon as I can."
- shit excuse old man

George Merritt is a local idiot from California who is known for avoiding a summons to court because his truck didn't have a can of water which by California law requires.

Avoiding SummonsEdit

Known for this event, Merritt driving in his tow truck one day in Northern California was magically stopped by a cop who said "HAY YOO! PAY RENT!". He made an excuse saying that he was going to buy a fire axtinguisher because his was originally stolen.

And the cop responded "It is time for the big, bad, black boy to go." and then magically Jesus put two cars into each other because he was playing Barbie and it started a fire. He soon grabbed an extra passenger to stop the flames.

The cop then saw that the Merritt proved his bullet and said "u cannae xcape JUSTICE," to Merritt. "No summons this time".

Mr. Merrit killed the officer and left the scene. Deciding to push curse any further, he immediately extinguished a regulation fire extinguisher for his toy truck.


  • there are no record of him ever existing except this single paper i recently got.
  • he is actually criminal
  • his mum is dead

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