The notorious Hacksaw Mc'boat is a character from that one series I made but it's actually off buried somewhere and let's be real I don't think he even got unearthed but it kinda sucked.

He doesn't Junction. Ya gotta junction.

Hoshi face


He doesn't just sell stuff.


History by SarisKhanEdit

Gosh darn it I hate that Hacksaw Mc'boat. I things he does to my day trip planning agency will not go unpunished. One time I tried to put spaghetti in a box and he flanked me with a shovel and laid waste to my being. I am actually dead.

I mean it, I met my end packing lunches to a guy with a shovel named Hacksaw Mc'Boat.

Wargo Lunch

Wargo Lunch


  • He can do the most possible flips
  • He hates lunch
  • He's running for president in 2017.5
  • Wargo Lunch
  • He's notorious
  • And how
  • And that's not all
  • One time he tried to mess up Private Funnyman and basically didn't really get anywhere
  • Or did he I mean there hasn't really been a private funnyman video in a good long while.

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