Hammertime Scouldier is a RED Scout TF2 Super Freak crafted by AlexanderWilliam1980.

His uses a song from the most cliched game, Undahtale.

Origins: You Need This to Play Assassin's CreedEdit

He doesn't even have a origin story so what is the use of this section? What is its purpose? Why are we typing in this useless section?

The Powers Generation and Abilities Like SalamandersEdit

He has a hammer, to be fair a jackhammer (not for the purposes you're thinking of) and a blackbox (not what you obviously thing, it's not racist) so he can use it do these:

  • --censored for your pleasure-- off
  • Hitting stuff
  • Fun

Cool stuff rite, m8? No, well he's got Graybanns, better than Ray-Bans, so be quiet.

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