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He's a blue sniper with a fire hatchet from the first art museum in his legs and serves of that to rape his victim.

Character and Behavior Edit

He's a pedophile that's why he kidnapped the blue, sad Prince fan boy scout in King Demome---, wait a minute do you mean BOWSER'S Bouncy Castle when he get out of this place, but he's almost always with his hatchet except when kidnapped someone, when he finally get his hatchet he can rape anyone he wants only for his own pleasure.

Powers and SkillsEdit

His only skills its his hatchet, he can kill anyone with them except if someone its Mordor, smart then him and kill him before he can kill him, then they kill him but he kills them? He always won sometime because he was faster then Shadow the Edge but not fast as Sonjk the Tom Cruise.

No Table VideosEdit

By the Creator, God (from the airport)Edit

King Demoman/Bowser's Bouncy Castle

Friday the Twelfth: Massacre at Halloween CampEdit


By the CommonwealthEdit


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