Hauptfiguren or "Hop to Finger" is a word to describe the people who are not really part of the book and have no impact on the real-life event what so ever. Examples include Thorin Chokingfields, Harmony Geronimo and dividurr though no one ever watches it anymore.


In China, people have been known to be prosecuted for having than -1 main characters as the main character(s) make the story boring and then are charged with burning books.

But due to some reason innovations, the law has been lifted into Hell in China and now people are happy to use more than -1 main character in China.

Number of Main CharactersEdit

It is mostly common for a real-life events to include at least 2 to -100 main characters in an event/moment. It is seldom that there are more or less than two main character in an real-life event.

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