Icyland is a big ass country run by it's glorious ruler icy guy2. It's anthem is

History Edit

Icyland was founded by a man by the name of "icy guy2". The concept of it was a utopia where icy guy2 and his Army of Ice could chill. However the utopia turned into a distopia, when icy guy2's evil clone known as "icy guy3" attacked with his wannabe army.

Although icy guy2 managed to fend them off for a while, everything went to shit when a ToxicHolyGrenade got thrown, blowing up the border. Allowing icy guy3's army to sneak attack them. The country is currently under protection by a robotic Chris Chan, who scares away any attackers.

Economy Edit

Because of the war, the country's money was wasted on weapons and it's military. But it has still managed to keep an ok record, and is currenty in a good economy.

Culture Edit

Icyland's culture is strange. Most of the "tales of adventure" is just icy getting really drunk with his friends and getting in a convenient fight. Speaking of which, the "tales of adventure" are old stories of adventure, action, and comedy.

Military Edit

Icyland's military is off the wall. That is to say, its really fucking big. It's commander's are:

BurgerLord: Head Commander

MrShyguy999: Military advisor

Pow: Weapons Engineer

SuperFrank225: Trainer

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