Iyro Is A demonic Ice freak created by youtube User MrFlipmaster12 Also Doin is a shoe lol.



An incarnation of Iryo.

Iyro wears a Mask colored light blue and wears a light blue Rail Spikes


he hunts his victims and kills them by freezing his enemy and then finishing them off and sometimes he might eat them

powers and abilitesEdit

He can Turn Any object into ice

He can breath ice

Iyro can teleport and be protected by his ice shield

He also defeats Touhous. SECRETLY

Faults and weaknessesEdit

Fire can directly criticaly damage him or kill him easily


it is unknown why he has ice powers if demonic freaks have fire abilites

Wow this is such good trivia that could totally go on a quiz ya' know?

Notable VideosEdit

The Wrath Of Devil Pyro part 2

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