"Top of the morning to ya ladies!"
- Jacksepticeye's exploding.

Jacksepticeye never known as Seán William McLoughlin is this Irish Leprechaun who absolutely sucks because he was shout out by this guy.

He does stuff on YouTube, y'see with his friends like Markiplier, PewDiePie and this fellow. Also, gotta hate that Iris accent! He also may wear hat he stole from Mariza when you see one of his videos.

This man is very powerful! After the shout out by annoymous, he gained the power to go LSS (Legendary Super Sayian) but since Shounen is so gay he was given the power of copyright and can now become god.

He wears random ass shirt, random ass pants, no underwear, yes underwear (what?), donar VIP hair, possible chance of floating green meatba- imean eyeball, and is a hacked in class by user:Markiplier

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