It is the Touhou like in the game okay.

Koishi Komeiji is a touhou in the touhou 11. Koishi is a not vampire who is better than the other ex boss characters at stuff. Koishi is president of something maybe.

Koishi lives in hell which is AN UNFORTUNATE THING. That's because when NEC dies of starvation he'll go there and cannibalize her.

In the Rurouni Koishi jinchuu arc, her sister Satori tries to avenge Koishi's death by stealing every staircase in town. Nobody can move above the ground floor.

Koishi is cooler than Spirit Breaker y'read it here first, okay?


古明地がぺろぺろしまくるだけ(EX) NicoNico01:03

古明地がぺろぺろしまくるだけ(EX) NicoNico


If Koishi was being good at bullets BUT CHALLENGED SVEN from Dota 2, it would totally end in fuckin' like, tears for Koishi because Sven kicks so much ass I played as him earlier what a steamroller. He'd just slide up and go "ROGUE KNIGHT." and then do his power up thing. Ain't no genetics of the subconscious gonna mess with BKB'd Sven.

Oh and stormbolt would kinda mean total doom for her I guess.

Он сделал это!Edit

Нет, это не последнее удар.













KAY EFF SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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