- Wattanstein's catchphrase

Keager Sanae Johnny Boatswain Wattanstein, better known by his stage name, Kugawattan, is the president of the Freakshow Community and the only one still making TF2 Freaks. He is the founder of a 5-Star warehouse known as TF2 FreakShow Wiki.

Countless patients have been lost due to President Wattanstein stealing medical supplies from hospitals.


Wattanstein appears as a BLU Soldier with an army hat and some sick shades. He also carries a camera and chess board around sometimes. Sometimes, he is happy and there's a human emotion so he is sorta human.

Personality & BehaviorEdit


Prezleton Waltzer's greatest weakness. SKYLANDERS COLLECTION

Wattanstein's best known hobby is to do hospital stuff. However, the meaning of "hospital stuff" is unclear to his community, but it's speculated that it means to persecute innocent Freaks with the help of some Touhou characters.

He's also attacked by Nuclear Scout sometimes for enjoying his victory.


Wattanstein's hospital stuff should be avoided at all times if you don't want to DIE AHAHAHAHAHA but seriously.

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