THG's Thingy Edit

If all of you people, (BurgerLord, Courtyard, and other aforementioned guys) that are still continuing to vandalize my articles and profile wall, and steal my Freaks, will be reported to VSTF if this keeps up.

I'm sick and tired when people think it's OK to "adopt" OCs and Freaks without anybody's permission at all. My statement is not a threat, it's a warning.

Translation Edit

Because I just think Divider and Neo are so fuckin' amazing, adopting them is bad. Mmmkay?

These are my freaks, no matter how poorly made they may be. But none of you will listen, so, eh.

I'm currently under the delusion that VSTF will ban people for adopting my freaks.


You caused this conflict THG because you angered the admins including Kugawattan, SarisKhan, Stylx, and ShermanZAtank and even ignored their warnings.

By the way I am not delusional, as I do not have autism, schizophrenia or any other mental disorder and disease. Also I haven't touched a single article on here in months or weeks. This message is brought by me, Courtyard.

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