Legate Lanius

Stupid piece of shit wearing gold asshole CAVALIER

Legate Lanius is a total dick, he does evil stuff and pobably hangs out with Byakuren Hijiri or Attack on Titan(WHICH SUCKS DON'T WATCH IT)

Fuckin' costume

He dresses up as a knight or something even though F00lout new vegas takes place in the year 769999. He says angry person shit and if you didn't skip all the text you're dumb because all he talks about is fuckin' staccatos and John Keats and the power glove.

Legate Lanius thinks mobile phones are dumb as shit which I agree with because they are. This doesn't mean i like him or nothing he's still the most shit carakter in history o' video games. he totally like fornicates with borderlands and paper mario sticker star and hitler and hero361. his cach-frase is "It is look like i must return to the station and perform repair on car because needs incredible degree of maitenance because I CRASH it haHAAH"

why he is shit Edit

Legate Lanius kidnaps innocent people and makes them watch his favorite episodes of Attack on Titan and Cardcaptors. That's un-nifty

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