"Bitch, I'm fabulous!"
- Markiplier's all-time greatest quote of 2015.

Markiplier is this guy who has color-changing hair and has pairs of glassed that nobody cates cares of.

He's a gameplayer which means he doesn't play games, but instead moans like he's having sex in a cold bathtub full of ice with chili peppers.

He had friends like PewDiePie and other guys but doesn't include Jacksepticeye cause he's LOW LEVEL.


He was born in Pompeii because he lives near a volcano and doesn't come from a military base that is American.

Because of his stuff he had a hard life and quit University and died seventeen weeks later.

His first video was him playing with his own dick and he began to grow and grow and reached 0,000,000 subscribers in 2012. Fascinated.

Back in 4002 he made a FNAF video (Fire Nation Alerts Flame) and soon the game sold slowly and never became a hit.

In 2051 he gained 10 subscribers. Lol. Yes. And walked around with his dogs, Edgar and Maya on a porch. Really cool though.

Next he did this torture thing that I easily passed but the video had moaning sounds. It's nifty.

Personal wifeEdit

He's basically single, like Jacksepticeye I think? I don't know. He'll probably marry when he's 40 or somethin'



  • Ponyboy Curtis
  • Steve Randle
  • Johnny Cade
  • Two-Bit Mind Mirror
  • Dally Winston
  • Sherri Valance
  • Darry
  • Don't Risk It
  • ...or enjoying yout victory


  • His hair looks like he's on fire. :O

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