"Come onto ta tha jungle, itz time fo' our asses ta git wild"
- Marlisa inviting someone to a sleepover

Marlisa is a glamourous New Zealander in a Pyro suit for no apparent reason in Team Fortress 2, but it's probably to hide her identity that she is rapist. Marlisa is also not a vampire.

Marlisa likes to sexually assault Divider though I'm not sure if he gets pleasure from it. She also likes to have sex with MrFlipMasterG64 who hasn't pressed charges yet.


She is a RED Femme Pyro because she is wearing this.

Beehive and Personal RelationshipsEdit

Marlisa is a threat across the TF2 Freak World because she can have sexual intercourse with them. She is feared most by her friend, Flippy for enjoying her victory.

She always seems to have a new husband. This, though, is only a disguise to lure her rape victims to her, so she can scar them for life.


Marlise most ultimate attack is her Disciplinary Action when torturing people. A classic sex move.

She can also raperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperape

Pretty cool, don't you think?.

Epic FailsEdit

She always surrenders to Cheap Trick when she is cornered, surrounded or sound checked.

She can lose train tracks of her detectives after a rape scene.

She can fail at parking, which can cause her to fall down to her death.


  • What if Marlisa engaged in battle with Flippy for enjoying her victory?
  • She also gives MrFlipMasterG64 AIDS whenever she has sex with him. He doesn't know.
  • Divider has a dick.
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