MEdic zerostyle

Medizard was a Zerostyle all along.

Medizard is the most evil christmas themed wizard around. Since he is a medic that means he is regularly assaulted and robbed of hospital stuff. He is a massive fanboy of anybody who will accept him. Medizard and Cirno are probably friends. He likes to remind people of what is sometimes said regarding all toasters.


Medizard has the power to lower the prices of wrapping paper. He can also carry ice a considerable distance before he needs a break. Medizard is what the power rangers call, so I guess that's a power. I bet he could do a hadoken if he gave it 110% for realsies.

Ice hockey is coolEdit

Medizard doesn't play ice hockey because he's a real downer. He spends all day telling ice that it should get a job. Medizard is not a NEET because he spends lots of time going to the suit store and doing push ups for money.

Power level and power statistics and ranking and stistikz.Edit

Medizard is actually pretty easy to beat up if you're nifty at killing ice or you remembered to bring your ice-saw or a gun or the law of nature. Medizard doesn't really beat people up and Megazord lacks any real firearms or the motivation to win. Even though Medizard uses zerostyle sometimes he never does it in a fight.


Medizard without his makeup or his totally wacky headwear.


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