"What the hell happened."
- When the song closes in.

MrShyGuy999 is a guy in the back of the room that watched the war happened, and didnt take any sides, but seems to have a friendship with Burgerlord and some of the other people in the war. He didnt say anything, and has had very few interactions with THG, one of them being a civilized conversation on the freakshow wiki. Also THG edited his weird vagineer article on the old freak concept wiki. And now a quote from him that he says whenever he sees a argument on a thread that is closed: 'What the hell happened?'.

Biography Edit

Originally a Government Soldier, he become a nurse and studied the Pyrosharks in their normal habitat. He left Earth/TF2 Freak Concept Wiki to go to Heaven\TF2 Freakshow Concept Wikia where there he met BurgerLord.

He is mostly known for Speay, a rifle used in trickscoping which the U.S. used to kill the 9/11 tourists.

Trivia Edit

  • He has actually played no part in the THG Conflict nor the recent tennis match?
  • Speay is currently on the run with a leggun.
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