"I hate anime."
- Insert another quote of mine.

n8five484 is the creator of this landfill and was designated a red flag star. One of the few cucumbers from 2014, I have experienced wikia before. Created a lot of stuff, made stories, "made" characters (in other words he's made theoretical characters), got punched by burg into a trashcan, etc.


Well, this is your cap'n speaking, I think I can sum up his life well.




All you need to know.

Also he lost his Grass Wench in a bet.


Making theoretical characters and hiding behind admin bans if it means they don't have to hold up their end of the bet, but burg won anyways sooooo....


Sitting Mom's basement will never be safe again!

Dump shit into this section to make it look bad.

TF2 Freaks (Edit)
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