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- Neo, thinking he foiled an evil freaks plan.

Neo is a BLK Spy TF2 Freak and a TF2 Sona hybrid of ToxicCancerGrenade and adopted by BurgerLord.

His theme is Dick Hunter's Now That You're Gay

Appearance and Personality Edit

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He wears a black-coloured Made Man, and a Rogue's Col Roule.

Neo is a hero wannabe, but he seems to anger everyone he comes across. He always thinks he's protecting and saving TF2 Freaks, despite making them want to kill him. In certain cases of his goals, he's also known to "apologize" to Freaks, but then he continues to anger them some more.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Neo's signature ability is throwing objects at people, these are mainly just sandwiches and ducks, though.

He also has durability that's on par with Captain Demoman.

He also has a reailty distortion of sorts, where logic is basically thrown out the window.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

He doesn't have any fighting capability, so the best he can do is just run from his opponents (not that he ever does, though).

Freaks with a high sense of logic can not only withstand his reality distortion, but can completely destroy it.

He tends to rage quit from time-to-time.

Quotes from THGEdit

"If all of you people, (BurgerLord, Courtyard, and other aforementioned guys) that are still continuing to vandalize my articles and profile wall, and steal my Freaks, will be reported to VSTF if this keeps up."
- Yeah, like if Sansse is going to drive by my house and shoot me in the balls.
"I'm sick and tired when people think it's OK to "adopt" OCs and Freaks without anybody's permission at all. My statement is not a threat, it's a warning."
- Neo thinking he's being a good guy.

Quotes from the PresidentEdit

"What I don't like about this character is that is somehow your TF2Sona. TF2Sonas should be representations of a real-life person, not a full-fledged TF2 Freak. And yes, I'm aware RubberFruit and GAYPENlS exist, but are you sure you look at them and you think of the actual YouTubers, or "Mine!" and "EAR RAPE"?"
- Well, the president was trying to talk about this stuff.

Trivia Edit

  • Neo was/is THG's TF2sona. BurgerLord just made it more accurate to the person.
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