Soonmoon Nin10doGMod is filled with dirt!

We need your help by using a shovel to burn this page!

- Shigeru Miyamoto, I do not like this man.

Nin10doGMod is a broken glass. He just likes to copypastecopypastecopypaste like it's 4chan or something. Honestly we've all done it once in our lives but he is the KING OF COPYPASTECOPYPASTECOPYPASTE.

He is like DeviantArt's lil' Al Capone because he has done some criminal shit. Maybe one day the Gnome God Keemstar will talk about him on the "acclaimed" series DramaAlert.

Biography Edit

Unfortunately we have little info about his past, so let's talk shit about his present, YO.

It all began on dat summer morning, wit his hot chicks, all blond and brunette and shit. He then started to go on this rampage of stealing so he decided to steak money from TIS the season and also his shiity models of his David Bowie possessions.

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