- Newklear Skawt on his personal opinion.

Nuclr scott is a RED Scout Freak who was created by a detective guy. His theme song is totally not I Am... All of Me by Crush 40.

He is the main protagonist of a successful television show that parodies good Gmod videos.

Nuka Cola Scott has money


Nuclear Scout is actually a fireman because he wears a fireman hat lol.

He also has the ability to make shit videos become good.

It would appear that he is Nuclear scout (Just saying)


Newklear Skawt in his young days.

Personality n' stuffsEdit

Nuclear Scotland's BFF is Snipe, a totally not Mary Sue character created by Thesniper91 or whatever that guy's name was. They love hanging out with eachother and don't afraid of anything.

His main rival is President Keager Sanae Johnny Boatswain Wattanstein, because he enjoys his victory.

He could buy a boat


  • His shield doesn't do shit.

Unnoticeable VideosEdit

TF2 Freaks (Edit)
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