"Hello? I am unaware of the this guy. Now, I must vouch for his forgetfulness. Who is he? What's his purpose? Gee, what questions? I hope he gets less underrate soon. Fascinate."
- Notes from the other editor

Painis Cupcake is an underrated Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user RubberFruit. He is one of the latest editions to the TF2 Freak action figure collection.

Sometimes he is Light Yagami

Sometimes Painis Cupcake is Light Yagami. Picture 4 proof.


Painis appears as a RED Soldier who can't see because his helmet is always covering his eyes. He doesn't make noises when sliding either.

He plays as Petey Piranha and King Boo on Mario Kart: Double Dash because he's an ass. Do not play with him, or he will hurt you.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

Painis is usually seen standing and announcing to his victim that he's enjoying his victory. He then proceeds to frown at his victim before not eating them. Y'see, Painis doesn't like humans. They taste BLEGKH to him. Painis instead prefers to eat chicken wings. YUMMY.

Powers & WeaknessesEdit

Due to not being a cannibal, Painis is weak and can't even lift. He also has the ability to weaken himself even more. He is one of Vagineer's easiest targets.

For every two minute and nine seconds, the iron is left on at a noteworthy temperature. Peniaz Cupcackeo gets £4.50.


  • What

    The stunt that landed Painis Cupcake in jail.

    Painis Cupcake received negative reviews from critics, calling him "pretty bad" and "uninspiring". This caused a decline in the TF2 Freak community and caused the business to go bankrupt.
  • Painis Cupcake is ironically a meme.
  • He was gonna try and be president but that hospital stuff guy beat him to it y'know.



"Sonic BOOOOOM!!!"


"Beep beep I'm an automobile"


Unnoticeable VideosEdit

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