"Write the first paragraph of your EPITAPH here." - Private PizzaTime, mapping his EX Tatsumaki Zankukyaku to the B button.

"Is that the best you've got? Fat guy?" - Pirouette Pete employs provocative rhetoric.

"Why don't we just bake him a cake to the death I mean he's gonna defEAT himself dead haha im funy dont punch me" - stupid no-hope pizza man wastes precious video duration

"SINE! COSINE! FISHTANK!" - Pushmower Percy after reading Sergai's page on a better wiki of old.

"£" the P-man in the tea country

Apperane and BehaviorEdit

Pricate Pizzapis is a DoRK GRoiN Sniper with a proof of purchase and a digital receipt as further proof of purchase and he took a photo of the money he used so don't even.

he must avenge his clan and also he made it in dead or alive the movie

Cyber Sub ZeroEdit

Private PizzaDelivery mains Cyber Sub Zero who is the fifth coolest character in MK9. He is the second most fun to play though.

Other good choices of character include: Sub Zero, Scorpion, Quan-Chi, Shao Kahn, N00b, Smoke, Stryker and Ermac (absolute best by miles)


Feel free to edit this part we could talk about Megaman. Personally I like MM3 and MMX4.

Nah m8 MMX SNES triology 4 lief


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