"I'm pissed off, I'm gonna crave for you!"
- Piria Cakez to her victims of sex.

Piss Cakehole is an intelligent and criminal pony Gmod Monster created by YouTube user Stefano Langone from the ska punk band No Doubt this is a bad "Gmod Monster".

She is a combination of Xiom Aria Blade, the ping pong blade and Piss Cakehole, who no cares about and rather care about the ping pong blade cuz it's cool.

Her theme is the same as a Zelda Song (THE SONG COMES FROM THIS BEST, GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME).

Her Rage theme is the same as a Sega song

She is the same as Piss Cakehole.

Appearence Edit

Piria Cakez is very similar to the Aria Blade, a round ping pong blade made out of ply and has a square handle in order to jab at the opponent except is different her skin is red with stripe pink, light pink and black stripe her hair is pink and red and her eyes are red in order to support female tennis. GO 2018.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Piria Cakez is unexpectedly strong for someone his size, displaying tremendous adroitness in melee combat. Using primarily a bonesaw he can completely slaughter a victim, disposing them from their skin in mere seconds. All of which remains is a lifeless statue of blood and flesh- what is referred to as carving. The extent of her enemies' endurance is not a hindrance most of the time- nevertheless, he has certain abilities that allow him to overpower anyone problematic enough.

Being an expert at using momentum to collide with her opponents, he uses brutal speed to carve them quickly. By either sliding fast right at his victim or leaping at them, foes have little time to react before their muscles are carved into a lifeless husk.

He has mild telekinetic powers that are only used to lure her weapon to him whenever he loses it, and can scent victims that are nearby, sometimes up to over 150 ft. away.

One of the more noticeable attributes of Piria Cakez is her incredible stamina, which allows him to survive and withstand particularly lethal amounts of physical trauma. No matter how many times he has been beat up, stabbed, shot at or exploded, he can always get back up and strike with nearly unrivaled willpower, showing no signs of fatigue even from significant blood loss. Simply damaging him yields little but a laugh, and it takes a great deal of effort to have him weakened.

A striking feature of his abilities includes the Green State, his empowered form he enters when enraged, which improves his overall fighting capacity. In particular, his speed is augmented: his attacks become so blazingly fast they are virtually unavoidable in close range.

Upon entering the state, it causes a shock wave that knocks back and damages foes that are too close. Piria Cakez can produce this shock wave at will, up to three times in this state before he calms down. In addition, Piria Cakez gains the ability to propel himself in mid air (perhaps linked to his mild telekinetic abilities) and to materialize any bladed melee weapon he desires, although a Katana blade is generally preferred over others.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Although Piria Cakez's fighting prowess and endurance are high by Freak standards- even rivaling with the likes of more powerful freaks- there is a limit to these factors, and tough enough Freaks can sometimes shrug off his attacks or give him a good enough beating to put Piss down, at least temporarily.

He also has a few major weaknesses:

  • Sometimes while sliding, he loses control and crashes into a wall, object or prop, among others.
    • He has absolutely no way of fighting outside melee range, and even though he may slide or leap at them very quickly, quick enemies may evade the attack, and Freaks who specialize in long range fighting can prevent Piss from even approaching.
    • Despite his break-neck attack speed, he doesn't appear to be very agile, as it seems he isn't able to dodge attacks as quick as he may deal them.
    • He has a major weakness to acid, which he is apparently more vulnerable than usual. Dropping a barrel of acidic material completely disables him.
    • He is otherwise uncomfortable when fighting on places of high altitude when unable to levitate.
    • His Rage can blind him to the more strategic Freaks, allowing them to take advantage of his recklessness.
    • His rage form can also deactivate by other ways; being severely damaged, using his shock wave ability thrice, and making contact to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or acidic material. This can leave him fatigued and vulnerable to attack, especially to strong enemies.

Trivia Edit

Notable Videos Edit

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