Prince is a guy who is still living today (no joke!) and has made over 18 albums in the past decades! Known for being sexual active because you know... he has... done stuff with women... like women, including Wendy Melvoin, Madonna, Lisa Coleman, Shelia E., Apollo Nine, Brenda Bennett, Susan Moonsie and Vanity. Look at all the fucks!

His Story Edit

Born from England, he was accidentally thrown down the London River and was suddenly replaced by Princess Diana.

He soon ended upon in Muscle Shoals, Florida where he was secretly adopted by his known parents, Queen member, John Deacon and a member of King Crimson though the band itself has denied having ever being associated with a female musician with the exception of Stevie McVie who produced one of their albums which was done after Prince began his success in the early 70s.

At the time when hip-hop was on the rise, he decided with his cousin and a few friends to create which was called 49 Funk at the age of 21. They soon break up after having one successful tape worm live.

The young Prince saw the rise of funk in early 70s and decided to to join among the 70s Munk music moment. He soon began to rise onto the top with his first successful single Blasphemy Beret.

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