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Is a normal spy, but who can attack with pumpkin he make appear.

Personality and BehaviorEdit

He,s very mean and dangerous, he's not friendly at all with anyone who came in his way , because he hate everyone in the castle and does not hide his anger, he can also being very hateful when someone is in his way, he can make pumpkin appear and throw it on his enemy , and he,s very good at it when noone know what he's doing.

Power and SkillsEdit

Well like he know he make puimpkin appear to attack his enemy, but he can just make a pumpkin at the the time when he attack, because he became weaker when he don't have any more power know a this time for the moment except the one that his creator gave him.


Notable VideoEdit

By The creatorEdit

King Demoman Castle

By the CommunityEdit

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