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- Rainbow Dash before unleashing the momentum.

Rainbow Dash is the 20% coolest (that's a fact) pony in the anime. She makes these cool, really emotional faces in good situations, like in episode 16 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is basically Sonic as a female pony.

She says stuff when doing what she needs like Gotta go fast or I'm in need for speed. She sometimes say stuff from that book called Odyssey which was released in 2001.


She makes these things called bits, ya know. Unfortunately, I don't know what these things are so screw it.

Bits, not butts or not really awesome stuff because they are useless. They have the value of a cow by chance and ducks.

Powers and Need For SpeedEdit

She goes fast like "POWERADE", or lucky enough, "It's time to destroy them. To victory", before going into the bonus round but don't spend your money on it cuz it's for the business and no one like the tall sky scrapers.

Make sure to leaves a penny in your sheets as she really goes fast like HD SUCKS. It's not her motto but I like it.

She has enjoyed her victory once...

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