Rivfruifv or in real life Vercingetorix Richard Thomas Fallis, even better known as Richard Patrick Laurence Mike Mario Bateman Crawford Betsy is a cool guy.

He makes double rock music or somethin' like that. He knows the A cord, S cord and the S cord.

Ladies and fucking gentlemenEdit

I am car.

I am Bill Gate.

"These are their stories" -guy who says the thing at the beginning of Law & OrderEdit

Okay so it's like 5AM or 40 minutes until then as of this writing so I might lack atleast 0.01% of the information needed to complete this autobiography.

Okay so like I was like born with the ability to travel through time and complete advanced political biology with a B- and I was also born inside the center of the sun and had my head shoved into a radioactively materialistic (?) cannon that launched me towards California at 55,000 mph (184,000 xp in Pokémon Go) and I almost died kinda like Louie in Pikmin 2 but I didn't discover batteries and wasn't a fatass like him.

"What the fuck is this shit; it's winter in Australian and there isn't even snow here" I say as I realize what a California is; "this state must be homoremon get in the bin Richard Nixon"

7.04 hours after I was born I recieved a special request from Bill Clinton who was a president at that time I guess.

"Put the fucking Band of Horses shit down you bisexual panromantic because we gots company yo'" said Clintonfy.

"What the fuck are you talking about"

"Okay so in a technical sense Metal Mario and his gamgs of hospital robbers and THGs are trying to sabotage the United Nations of Alaksa using a Donald Trump and we need you to develop a stupid-ass secret weapon to stop her;"

"Don't worry hunbun I was born already holding the secret weaplr"

"ok" said Sonic

It was

Gardevoir porn icon and Thom Yorke

"Dorp it up, go through the ceiling" said fuckton as he hung up on me. Fuck you Reagan.

So I decided to play some Sonic Advecary 2 before I began my epic battlr with Tronald and to this day I stil can't get past fucking Crazy Gadget fuck that level yo'. (I also watch Vinesauce bcuz Vinybis hot af <3)

To be continufied

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