"What the fuck?"
- Epic Polish reaction.
"Warsaw has to be pacified, that is, razed to the ground."
- Adolf Hitler's planned assault on SarisKhan.

SarisKhan, LordGalvatron, or otherwise known by Fag Lord, is the chairman of the LGBT Community.


He began his life as a rabid fanboy of Star Wars (No Seriously), and also Star Trek, one of Star Wars' rivals.

Unfortunately he doesn't watch them anymore, as he is too busy watching anime like the rest of the Polish people except my real-life friend.

He then saw TF2 Freaks and decided to make some himself, which was still shit. Back then, he was an average Polish person you would walk pass by after you leave a bar around the corner of Warsaw and he might say hello to you, and then you would immediately punch him in the face for having advanced English.

Influenced by Kugawattan, he transformed into Galvatron and began to become more strict than him. He cries and loathes in the inside, because he's depressed and shit, only shoebins and L0SERS are depressed.

As of now, he is crying after being slapped by BurgerLord, AdmiralTrainstorm and Slam Jam Sam.

He hates bad comedies. Ironically enough, he's terrible at making jokes.

He hates fun


  • He used to be a bystander, but he just had to be a boring shit.
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