OK, TIShadster Shadow24601, and Theshadowon, I've came up with a fair solution that would stop this war against FinalPrank, especially towards people who clearly started to despise for fighting against FinalPrank.

To be sincere with you people, because you are bombarding me with comments that Prank is a nice guy, I would rather just view him as a "mixed bag" person, and that's it; I like him as much as I hate him.

Hopefully my Journal would also fix things for both people who despises him, and especially people who love him, same with TIShadster, Shadow24601, and Theshadowon.

Thomas, Theshadowon, Chris, and everyone else who have a close relationship with FinalPrank, I just want to owe you guys an apology. I didn't mean to attack a certain amount of FinalPrank's defenders/friends, (including the latter for the most part) because I was aggressively angry. Because FinalPrank had told me to have sexual intercourse with my mother, as well as insulting her, I was forced to battle against him, and make evidence pictures regarding his notes to me. Afterwards, I was trying to protect everybody from him, same with FinalPrank's friends, from him on who he truly is. Thomas, Chris, and Theshadowon, I've said it earlier, and I'll state it, once more; I was trying to protect you, from FinalPrank. I'm divinely, and truly sorry for attacking FinalPrank, its just I'm extremely offended what his notes regarding my mother had said, and that's what triggered me into fighting against him. Look, I'm not saying that I'm seeking for... forgiveness, I was trying to get you all to understand my situation that I'm in. Please, unblock me, I'll promise not to attack FinalPrank, or spam your pages again.

Please, have mercy on me.

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