"Take me! Take this!"
- Snipe before journeying to China.
Snipe is a not well known, developed character who paints fences in competitions and other stuff. He was originally developed by Thesniperclub27 and was later adopted his life in the Arabian jungle.

Whether he is a Freak is not up to your opinion since I'm God and force shit at you.

Appearance before his Magic TrickEdit


Snipe wears a mask to show he is an avid player of Assassin's Creed despite not understanding the plot. Me either. By the way, Snipe is NOT SERIOUS. L00k at his throws and lame swings of the kings. He also thinks he's weak which is why he goes into fights in order to show his weakness.


First off, he doesn't have any powers. Let's move on.


  • I already said this above.
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