A spider, also known by their non-scientific name as an archaic are mammals who are rare to see in the wild and typically often see in urban places.

Spiders typically daily consume horses, buffalos, deers, dirt, national parks and sometimes DVD home players.

They are always harmless to humans and are typically adored by humans.

Let's get physical descriptionEdit

Spiders like most mammals have fur to protect them from summer temperatures and latter shed their fur in winter where the sun is hot.

And like all mammals they have a tail and ears to ensure protection from prey.

Puttin' on the preyzEdit

Spiders' predators that they consume inxlude horses, wolfs, squirrels, badgers Mount Fujii and by the way will you take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?

Some of its deadly prey include the notorious rattlesnakes which with a lethal dose of lithium can kill a box jellyfish within a instant. Even their predator, the wolf can with soda packs consume and kill  a spider.

Pay your taxesEdit

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