"How do I shot web?"
- Spider-Man's question to YOU

Spider-Man is a cannibal and a drug addict. He has been cooking a lot drugs lately like meth, weed, LSD, mushrooms, slippers and cellphones.

He is a friend to all of his neighborhood but everybody hates him because he is a drug addict and a cannibal but they don't tell him as Spider-Man will crawl through your windows and gobble up your bones.

He went to an asylum once but was released for having the colors of the American Flag.

The Life and HistoryEdit

Spider-Man was born in a parking lot though no one knows who gave birth to him but they're probably French.

He became a superb when he was in elementary school where he met his first love at first campsite.

He now battles songs like Enter the Sandman and Octopus' Garden.

The Powers He GotEdit

He has the ability to manipulate electricity but unfortunately it is weak.

Also he can drop the bass which pleases everyone except deaf people, no offense.


He is unfortunately very weak making it an awesome avant-garde advantage against weaker enemies of his because of adult body.

Since he is mature, he is gullible.

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