puck the SurPies Spy is a RED Spy and assassin for hire made by Merassmuz.

Appearance Edit

Spuck looks like your typical Team Fortress Classic spy with a Sharp Dressed Man look, fox cow, and an SMCN (Stupid Monday Cult Neck) stat-track fedora.

His federal is made up of the Nano basalt clavinet and a double cross comm (the bandana part is seperate from the helmet).

Personality and Behavior Edit

Spuck is polite man with random outbursts of loud, ear-rape-ish laughter. During these outbursts, he may accidentally kill any nearby people via snapping their spine. He hates demomen of all kinds as his parents' death was caused by one and his accusations are often falsely mistaken for racism, which sadly leaves him crying and sad violin comically playing in the background.

Long story short, Spuck is a polite spy random murdery outbursts and moodswings. He also bears a troubled, tragic past.

Weapons and Powers Edit

Spuck is an extremely fast and skilled fighter with experience to hand-to-hand combat. He gained his skills from training provided by what he claims to be ancient spy monks known as the SurPies Spies. He carry a sharp dresser that can pierce nearly through any armor. The SMCN (you can pronounce it by spelling it out or just smissen or smicken or sniffin' the cocaine) grants him the ability to know ones emotions, weapons and gear, plus let him know their weaknesses, as well as strengths, through one 0.3 second scan. The head gear can also use electromagnetic waves to act as a radar for Spuck, showing him everything within 30 meter radius. The SMCN can cloak Spuck, functioning similarly to a cloak and dagger but also acts like the un-nerfed version of the Deadringer, which can bypass all sorts of damage (if in use), yet, to Spuck's dismay, only for once a day.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Spuck isn't too haughty of a guy, as he can get really nervous facing foes of any formidability.

If the "robotic eye" part of the SMCN gets damaged, this will leave the whole headgear useless.

Spuck is heavily relies on the SMCN.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a thing for female Electric Scout.
  • His parents died in a fire which was supposedly caused by Orangeman (he was the last person Spuck saw after running away)
  • He is known to be delusional.
  • (Orangeman only tried to save Spuck's parents from an accidental fire, but Spuck doesn't know that and thus he blames Big Bird for for <-- 4 4 4 4444 a crime that wasn't committed suicide)
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