"*Whistles* I've been missing out, haven't I?"
- Stylx in a certain vampire movie.

Stylx (or Shirosaki97 on YouTube) is a relatively unknown guy who thinks it is a good idea to hide himself, while trying to repair himself. He is the current owner of the Flying Dutchman.

Stylx used to be a humble customer at a supermarket, but when he rode the trolley, it went too fast and the wheels was getting hotter, eventually fell down and sank into the bottom of sea. He encountered Hendrick van der Decken, the original owner of the Flying Dutchman, and asked him to borrow his ship. Angered, Hendrick swallowed the poor Stylx, then he shits on his own ship, and his shit sails in the morning. Great pun, by the way.

His theme song is [ this]. Funny, that he created it himself

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