ekscelle.dll: so everyone has gone to this fancy dance tonight at the school
ekscelle.dll: the whole gimmick is that the girls ask the guys not the other way around
void~: sadie hawkins
ekscelle.dll: but im the only person in my group of friends who didnt go
UEAKCrash: sexist
void~: sadie hawkins dance yeah?
ekscelle.dll: no its called holly ball
void~: the fuck
ekscelle.dll: cause the girls sell holly to fund it
ekscelle.dll: its a christmas thing idk
void~: now i'm questioning if sadie hawkins is only something at my school
ekscelle.dll: but thats beside the point, im lonely as fuck
idoIon: how do i select things in sfm
idoIon: its been forever since i used this
UEAKCrash: press your dick on it
UEAKCrash: boop
idoIon: oh!
idoIon: intuitive
void~: i didn't go to any high school dances with a date, eks
void~: i went to prom twice with a group of friends but never with a date
idoIon: oh i had to switch to Graph Mode instead
killohurtz: i never went to any high school dances, period
UEAKCrash: we had an "anti prom party"
UEAKCrash: and go ddrunk
idoIon: i went to homecoming my senior year and it mightve been my worst experience in high school
UEAKCrash: got
UEAKCrash: and it turned into a big party after highschool ever year
UEAKCrash: and then it got dumb
UEAKCrash: and I stoppe dgoing
Fr0z3nR THE UNICORN: I got up for my Sr Prom at like, 9am
killohurtz: i've also dated one time and decided it wasn't for me
UEAKCrash: that was fckign 12 year sago shit
Fr0z3nR THE UNICORN: Stayed up until 8:30am the next day
Fr0z3nR THE UNICORN: Slept for 30m, carried on with my day.
ekscelle.dll disconnected.
void~: crash wheres my food why isnt it here yet
UEAKCrash: dunnio call and complain
ekscelle.dll entered chat.
void~: i've dated once now i live with them
void~: its p cool
::Egan::: cute gif
phi: my 15-month with kim was earlier this week
phi: fifteen!!
void~: i cant math rn lol
phi: probably moving in w her next year
phi: for uni
ekscelle.dll: phi ur not making me feel any better
void~: 21 month here
void~: fuck thats a lot of months lol
phi: nice void!!! wow it feels like you have been together so much longer lol
UEAKCrash: I've been with my wife for almost 11 years
UEAKCrash: boom
void~: phi kick crash
Fr0z3nR THE UNICORN: 7 years with fiancee
killohurtz: my younger sister has a bf, my older sister has been dating, and i'm just sitting here wanting another cat
phi: we all start somewhere!
UEAKCrash: how old where you wehn you started dating frozonn
phi: frozonn
UEAKCrash: moice
frozonn: Yea, I think it's moice too
ekscelle.dll disconnected.
UEAKCrash: I was 19
idoIon: medic has gone shadow mode
cottonheaded ninnypuggins is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
ekscelle.dll entered chat.
cottonheaded ninnypuggins: i haven't dated anyone since kindergarten
cottonheaded ninnypuggins: i'm so lonely
Foxcadial: im thinking of starting around 20
ekscelle.dll: i am going to die a virgin
void~: i didnt date til i was 20
Foxcadial: need to do some confidence training so i dont become a hermit
frozonn: I'm going to slept.
frozonn: Nighto
Nick: abstinence id the only way
Nick: *is
Foxcadial: gnight frozen
frozonn left chat.
ekscelle.dll: good night frozen
cottonheaded ninnypuggins left chat.
ekscelle.dll: i wish i wasnt slow
Foxcadial: your late on that eks
skip "bimps" klunk disconnected.
ekscelle.dll: im aware
Foxcadial: okay
Foxcadial: just wanted you to know
ekscelle.dll: thanks
Foxcadial: im a good person right?
UEAKCrash: ekscelle.dll: if u want to b
phi: noooo i didnt get to say goodnight to frozen
phi: rip
killohurtz: nobody here is free from sin
UEAKCrash: guys
UEAKCrash: my head
UEAKCrash: is woooshy
Foxcadial: are you drinking?
UEAKCrash: yeeeeeee
Foxcadial: seems about right then
UEAKCrash: lotss of driniign
UEAKCrash: driniing
UEAKCrash: drinking
void~: how is it standing up
Foxcadial: lern 2 spall cursh
UEAKCrash: learn to gtfo
Foxcadial: ahahah
UEAKCrash: l2gtfooooo nooob
ekscelle.dll: thats ok, you do what u want to do
ekscelle.dll: dont let anyone tell you otherwise
UEAKCrash: fdycj tge ooilkuce
Foxcadial: u 2 mayte
UEAKCrash: shit
Foxcadial: god why are we doing this...
void~: there was a guy on the server at the end of an imp the other day with a name like "trump won" or something and was just bein rude
UEAKCrash: big surpise
void~: callin people noobs and saying they were shit at the game
Foxcadial: suprise*
void~: fun guy
void~: i waited for a third strike to kick him but it never came :(
UEAKCrash: I wokldve boote them so hard
ekscelle.dll: dont worry crash i sometimes do that when sober
Foxcadial: crash you should record yourself singing this sometime
UEAKCrash: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
UEAKCrash: m y fallsteoo is strong
Foxcadial: slow death immense decay
UEAKCrash: thrash is funny
Foxcadial: guys hes losing it
UEAKCrash: or maybe I've foudn it
Foxcadial: or both
UEAKCrash: or both
Foxcadial: i just said that
UEAKCrash: I bn edd new glasses
Nick: hl2 doesnt have any good lamp props so i made my own with brushes A5YwpG2.png
killohurtz: what thrash metal goes boop bap
UEAKCrash: my shits all fucked
UEAKCrash: all of it
ekscelle.dll: that looks nice nick
UEAKCrash: off beat snare
Nick: thanks
ekscelle.dll: but cs:s has nice lamp props
UEAKCrash: on the up beat
Nick: it doesnt search in cs:s sadly
ekscelle.dll: aw
idoIon left chat.
DogBot: Sunday's Dog of the Day // // Courtesy of Osspial
ekscelle.dll: my phone screen is all fingerprinty and full of regret
ekscelle.dll: like me
phi: uuuugh its midnight
phi: idk what to do
ekscelle.dll: sleep?
void~: ponder where my food is with me
phi: should i just submit to sleep
Foxcadial: so how does having a ability to pull people towards you with smoke sound? and you could throw people with it into hazards
UEAKCrash: is midniught\
UEAKCrash: fcj
UEAKCrash: I got up at 4am
Foxcadial: god im tired
Foxcadial: i couldnt even say that right..
UEAKCrash: but I hafve so much beer left
Foxcadial: save it for later crash
void~: send it to me
Foxcadial: send it to voide
void~: enh nvm i dont like beer
Foxcadial: i dont know why void but i always put a e at the end of your name...
Foxcadial: dont mind is just use voide from now on?
ekscelle.dll: i remember pre tilde void
void~: no you dont
void~: fabrication
ekscelle.dll: yea i do
Habber the Quesomancer™ is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
Foxcadial: ive been here for a bit and i remember when you didnt have a ~ in your name
UEAKCrash: it's not very bveery
UEAKCrash: founders rubaeus
UEAKCrash: it's fruotyu
UEAKCrash: frityy
UEAKCrash: fruity
void~: like me
Foxcadial: crash
UEAKCrash: ayy
Foxcadial: your drunk go to sleep
n8five484: crash me
UEAKCrash: yor drunk
Foxcadial: says the guy who cant spell right now.
UEAKCrash: says the fuck you
void~: god if my food isnt gonna be delivered it sure would be nice to know before its too late to get anything else
Foxcadial: someone deal with him please
void~: like goddamn its already late
UEAKCrash: deral with you

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